Prevention is better than a cure

When there are more dogs than guardians, everyone suffers. Animal welfare often deteriorates, communities come under the endemic threat of rabies, and the overpopulation crisis spirals more and more out of control. 

Street dogs in India survive by eating the left-overs and scraps given by people or that they find in garbage, which is abundant. Their population usually closely corresponds to the human population and the amount of available garbage.

A single female dog can have two litters per year – that’s anywhere from 8 to 12 new pups on average within the first year. It’s easy to see how dog’s populations have boomed. 

Sterilization combined with rabies inoculation is internationally recognized to be the most effective and humane means of population and rabies control.

In India, although the law requires government bodies to conduct animal birth control programs, most cities do not have them and it’s left to non-governmental organizations to run programs of varying sizes.

We run our spay/neuter program without financial support from the government.

But we can stop overpopulation in its tracks. Sterilising india’s street dogs frees from the suffering of unwanted litters. It gifts local communities the chance to take control of their animal population, and learn how to properly care for the animals that do exist on their streets. 

By sterilising each dog we come into contact with, you are helping stray dogs live happy, healthy lives. And you’re preventing another generation of unwanted street dogs from experiencing painful skin conditions and devastating preventable disease. 

Better yet, every sterilised dogs will also be rabies vaccinated, recorded in our portal and details of every spay-neuter surgery, the dog’s age, gender, ownership status and condition are there in our records.  From there, we can follow up on dogs, conduct regular population surveys and treat common conditions before they become life-threatening.

Saving lives and stopping problems before they start. It’s what SHF doing effectively. 


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